The sport that brings everyone together: Archery

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Şub 09, 2020

   In my first blog post on my website, I will explain the archery that appeals to everyone. Archery is a sport that touches people in every sense with its history and benefits.

   When archery is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the bow and arrow, which is, of course, the fighting tool. It is said that they are the first weapon used by Turks and many nations for thousands of years.

   Nowadays, archery has evolved into a modern sport and has become an elite sport by means of the nobility of combat equipment. It is a versatile sport with its impact on physical and mental development, providing discipline and contribution to focus. The most important feature of this sport is that it can be made together from 7 to 70 all age groups, without gender differentiation and physical differences. So, we can say that archery is a sport that meets everybody. In the competitions we participate, we often have the chance to shoot side by side with the best archers of the country and even the world. This is something we will not encounter in many sports branches.

   World Archery and Turkey Archery Federation which is bonded to World Archery permits to get licenses from the age of 9. However, there are training to learn archery and pieces of equipment for 7 - 8 years old children. There is no limit for older age.

   One of the most beautiful aspects of archery is that archers with physical differences can shoot arrows side by side in the same competition. Archers who use wheelchairs or have limb deficiencies can compete at the same targets and win medals with the orthosis - prosthesis or apparatus they use. It is one of the sports where physical differences are least felt.

   There are many courses and archery clubs where you can do this sport not only professionally but also as a hobby. You can experience archery in the archery areas that the hotels set up as animation.

   Experience this beautiful sport that brings everyone together once and shoot arrows at least once in your life. Maybe you start to reach more goals in your life with archery.

(The photo of the blog is quoted from The shot belongs to Saygın Akıncı.)